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Tide is making an attempt to go "green" through products such as Tide Coldwater. Although they market that the use of cold water will save both energy and money they fail to mention facts that prove they are hurting the environment. Some examples of "greenwashing" that can be found in Tide Coldwater are: the use of excess amounts of water per number of loads the physical packaging of the product and the opinion that it just doesn't work. Starting with the water usage the simple fact is that you are still washing a large number of loads even though it's in cold water the actual packaging of the product is plastic which lacks biodegradability so it is in fact harmful to the planet. Finally which isn't eco-friendly. Also the opinion to some is that the product simple doesn't work which may conclude with consumers not purchasing it. I would suggest that Tide find a packaging that is biodegradable so it becomes safer for the environment. I also believe they should find a better way to focus their product on reducing the number of loads along with water usage. Finally they need to prove to their consumers that the product actually works which will give the customer more of a reason to "go green."


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