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Chevron is a company that doesn't truly care about the environment. It only cares about profit, future profit, and making sure that people think they are trying to change the way we treat the earth.


The ad displays a tiger in the wild, which I don't believe shows how the company is positively affecting the earth. The paragraph in the ad is way too long. People are most likely going to read the first paragraph, see that it's about chevron trying to help the environment, and stop reading. People don't perceive oil companies as having a green attitude in regards to the environment, or how they conduct their operations around the world. A company that is worth over 150 billion dollars should be able to show actual progress towards producing green projects. I think that Chevron needs to start a green project campaign using a person to be the symbol for a series of environmental efforts. Documenting the campaign using video and photography will give the company actual content of their spokes person, to use in commercials, print, and Internet advertising efforts. I believe if they tried to do a project similar to this, people will start to respond to the companies green advertisements more positively, eliminating the green washing response from consumers.