Houston Rockets Clutch the Bear’s “Clutch Goes Green” video

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From April 1st thru April 9th of 2010 the National Basketball Association (NBA) is promoting a "Green Week". During this week many of the uniforms and sports apparel that players wear have been altered to use the color green. The video ad I selected involves the mascot for the Houston Rockets basketball team. It is a short two minute video that can be found on youtube.com, nba.com and rockets.com websites. The purpose of the video is to promote the phrase or term "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle". In the promotional ad for the green week campaign "Clutch", the Houston Rockets mascot stops several people from wasting energy, not recycling or using an unnecessary amount of products. The ad does not necessarily mislead with any words or visuals because the purpose of the ad is to promote awareness and action on becoming more "green" and not about large changes the team or organization has made. The ad uses a comedic strategy to help engage the viewers and pay closer attention to the point they are trying to get across. While the ad does very little to show the type of things the organization is doing to help be more environmentally conscious other than encouraging their organization and others to use common recycling or green practices in their daily lives. Since the ad is more of an informational or awareness campaign it does little to prove how these methods will work or give any kind of statistical data. I think you consider this ad or campaign to be "greenwashing" because it seems as if the goal is create goodwill for the team and the NBA more than it is trying to actually make a large difference. However, this video clip is just one small part of a campaign that involves the entire NBA and the teams, players and organizations are all involved in promoting "going green" in several other ways. I would give this ad a good rating because of the comedic premise of the video. Unlike other ads or commercials you may find online or on TV, this ad may stay in the mind of the viewers and make them more likely to view the entire video. If I were to give any suggestions for this ad campaign it would be to include more facts about how recycling and reducing has actually made an impact. The ad does a good job at getting their message across but providing proven facts may help encourage people to use these recycling techniques in their daily lives. jr1460@txstate.edu


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