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My ad is for Starbucks Coffee using "Green Umbrellas for a Green Cause." I gave this ad a low score because Starbucks is an environmentally friendly company and continues to find new ways to be more aware about going green. I feel this ad is not misleading although a little vague but I know they are serious about being green and not trying to be deceptive to consumers. Starbucks is going to continue to support the environment so I feel that they are not wasting time and money on their "green" advertising. I do not feel that they are trying to fool anyone but this ad is an inventive idea to keep being aware of the environment. Since I gave them a low score I feel Starbucks will continue to succeed in the future. Some ideas that they could use to keep being successful are to maintain using recycled cups and paper products. For advertising they could be more specific with their cause. We know they are supporting the environment but if they could explain more that would let people know more about what they are doing. I also feel that Starbucks should continue their green advertising because they are sincere with helping the environment and not just telling businesses and consumers that they are. Starbucks will continue to be a success and so will their mission to be "green."


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