green technology claim using artificial means

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First off, this technology was not invented by this Filipino guy. It was invented by Brazilian Alfredo Mozer. Notice in his press video, there was no credit given to the original Brazilian inventor. While it's really an great idea ~~ do we really need light in morning? The sunlight which falls on the earth gives enough brightness to the house at morning. That's what access to Daylight and Views are for, which is should be made available to everyone, rich or poor. The problem here is: Why are the spaces dark? Notice the reason why the spaces are dark. It's because they didn't provide openings to let natural light come in. Cutting a small hole on the roof requires an equal amount of effort to just cut a bigger hole and use translucent corrugated panel instead of the metal panel used in this video. If they can afford to use metal corrugated metal panel, surely they can afford to use translucent corrugated metal panel. A lot more light can enter the space than this bottle. This bottle is essentially encouraging artificial lighting and continuing to build spaces with no access to daylight and views. It could be better if this invention is for night time where light is essentially needed.


Dude, it's an effective use of plastic bottles to already established homes and developments. It is most certainly a better usage for empty bottles than melting them down with an emissions bi product on the side, and I don't think this even really qualifies as an advertisement.