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I believe this ad is a fairly decent ad, which is why I didn't rate it very high or very low. The ad is a picture of the GM symbol surrounded by green, which resembles the fact that GM is going green. I believe that this is an attempt to dilute the fact that all the GM products; big trucks, big SUVs, sports cars that make up the majority of its sales, have a huge affect on the environment. They are making this claim, I believe, on the basis that the very limited amount of their hybrid and flex fuel vehicles produces and sold, make the company a “green” company. While the attempt to produce low emission eco friendly vehicles, GM still produces a majority of gas guzzling vehicles which pollute our environment. In the future, GM may be able to claim that they are a green company if they are able to convert to a company which produces a majority of environmental friendly vehicles. But I don’t find that very likely since people love their big trucks, big SUVs and fast sports cars.


This is green washing by misdirection. Focus on the 20% that is good and infer that outweighs the other 80% not green. Then claim green based on the smaller effort. Still, cudos for making the initial steps. The rest is up to us to stop demanding our gas guzzlers.