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I thought Diesel's advertising campaign was very original. Green washing is a practice in where companies try to promote their products as environmentally friendly. I think most of the companies take advantage of this. It seems like many ads show how the company is adopting green effort practices to make it more appealing for the consumer to buy their products. I don't this is the case for Diesel. Their new campaign doesn't mention anything about how environmentally friendly they are in their operations but it tries to show the devastating effects global warming can cause. The goal of the ad is to create this awareness and not to sell their products based on the fact they are adopting green practices. This is the main reason why I gave the ad a good score. In addition, the images are beautiful. The colors and scenarios they used are very good and appealing to the eye. I can suggest maybe changing the slogan for something that makes it easier to understand that those images are the reflection of what is going to happen if we continue to treat out planet the way we have been.


3.0decent weasel’s
The ad really doesn't say much about what Diesel does to try to curb this. Also, I can't help thinking that two white people in this situation wouldn't be so casual about exposing their eyes or skin if the ozone layer has fared as poorly as the polar caps apparently have.