GE’s Clean Coal

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In this ad General Electric claims to be green. However, they are mining coal (a unsustainable resource). It seems that these green claims are really just efforts to squeeze what little juice (money) is left out of a lemon (industry) with little juice left. The truth is it would be financially disasterous for GE to desert the coal industry and the structures they have set up to deliver it. Disregarding the undoubtable fact that coal is not an infinite resource, GE aims to ameliorate their image by promoting their "clean coal" methods. But clean coal is disgusting when compared with wind solar water and hydrogen power methods. These "clean" coal methods still emit carbon dioxide; and what is worse is they particularly show the plant that burns coal in the midst of the thriving everglade's ecology. Although GE's attempt to be greener should be noted as legitimate they are far from praise-worthy. GE needs to take more accountability for the depletion of the O-Zone. Although it is in vogue to be greener it is even better to actually be green. GE must invest more into sustainable zero-imprint techniques rather than mediocre techniques. This commercial simply promotes the cleaner [than the worst] coal method that is leaving only a "nearly undetectable impression on the horizon."


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