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I believe that Cotton Incorporated has done a great job at being environmentally responsible. There ad is simple and really captures the natural essence of the product. The ad states that they are constantly developing new ways to “optimize land use and reduce water and input applications,” so with their energy efficient approach, it doesn’t seem that this company is involved in “Greenwashing”. I gave this Cotton ad a low score of 5 from the Greenwashing Index site, because the ad doesn’t seem to be misleading in any way. The copy of this ad even suggests consumers to research their company to prove how environmentally responsible they are. Therefore Cotton Incorporated is honest when they say they are doing everything in their power to “minimize cotton’s environmental footprint.”


Cotton accounts for 2% of the total worldwide agricultural land and 11% of the world's pesticide use. No question organic cotton is increasing it's market share, but the bulk of cotton sold today continues to be heavily dependant upon poisons to make it to market. One respected national magazine reports that it takes 1/3 of a pound of chemicals to produce a single Tee shirt. Cotton. The environmentally-friendly fiber???

Cotton Inc conflates "natural" with "good for you" and omits the fact that the new strains of cotton they are using are genetically-modified. Yes, they require less fertilizer and pesticides, and consume less water. But genetically modified cotton carries its own risks, especially since, in the form of cottonseed and cottonseed oil, it can make its way into the food chain. The FDA recently reported that a small portion of an experimental genetically engineered cotton was harvested along with an approved GE cotton variety, so crossovers can happen. Organic cotton is still a better choice.