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This ad indicates that Coca-Cola is making an effort to reduce their contribution to the negative environmental impacts of using plastic bottles. While the campaign is facially eco-friendly, a closer look into the facts gives reason to believe that Coca-Cola is tricking their customers. The plant bottle made of plant-based material "up to 30%", which could indicate anywhere from 1%-30%. The biggest issue for this new campaign is that Coca-Cola is now advertising the plant bottle with their bottled water, Dasani. This is interesting because bottling filtered tap water is not only a rip-off to the customers, but environmentally harmful all by itself. It takes more energy to produce bottled water than it would for consumers to filter the water themselves. Also, with the plant bottled being made of both plastic and plant materials, Coca-Cola would need to prove that the plant materials are able to be recycled in the same way as the plastic. Greenwashing is when a company advertises that they are doing something beneficial to the environment but, in fact, it has no real benefit. Using the greenwashing index, I would give Coca-Cola's new marketing campaign a score of 5, being "bogus". Coca-Cola wants to appear to be addressing the issue of recycling and plastic bottles, but the promotion of the plant bottle is not quite cutting it. This ad is greenwashing because Coca-Cola is trying to distract the viewer from other business practices that are not eco-friendly. Further, they are trying to promote the idea that drinking bottled water out of a plant bottle is environmentally friendly, when the reality is that putting a stop to purchasing and using bottled water would be the most effective "green" method. I would suggest that Coca-Cola start running campaigns and promotional efforts to increase the recycling of their products and take away the focus of the bottle itself. It is more genuine to recognize that their product is not entirely eco-friendly, but encouraging efforts that can substantially reduce their impact.


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