Chevy Volt On Planet Green

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I really liked this ad, and it inspired me to learn more about the car and it made me want the car. The way the man in the ad explained how the car worked and all its details made me truly believe that this car will extremely help the enviorment and change the way vehicles are made. I do not believe that this is just greenwashing and that chevorlet is just saying its green to sell more cars. The auto industry is changing, and is actually required to make changes to vehicles to make them more enviormentally friendly. Chevy tells some good details in this ad that shows that they are really concerned about making the car enviormentally friendly. For instance, "The Volt can drive on a fully charge battery for 40 miles and never use a single drop of gas." and "This is the next century for automotive transportaion." I think they could improve the ad by just giving a few more details about how it can impact the enviorment even more. The green marketing may not be there own initiative but at least they are making an effort to help the enviorment.


The statement that the volt takes "the automobile out of the environment equation" is a vast overstatement. Though moving to electric automobiles is a huge step forward and will have a significant impact on pollution, we still have issues dealing with a disposable society that tends to turn over into a new vehicle every 3-5 years and that these vehicles will create a significant demand for elecitricity and we need to consider how that electricity will be generated. I am, however, very excited to see this kind of vehicle finally being mass produced and hope that it's start of a very positive trend in the industry!

When he imagines the future cars will be driven electrically. Great. This is not the future. The Volt still has a gasoline engine for charging the battery after 40 miles. The ad doesn't mention the amount of energy used to produce the car, which accounts for a large portion of its energy consumption before the buyer even drives it off the lot. Nor does it mention how many raw materials are required to produce the vehicle.