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I think this Ad does a great job at explaining step by step how harmful we can be to the environment collectively. When I first saw it I thought to myself: "they have to be exaggerating, 50 gallons of water for one latte!" But then I started thinking: that is what everybody must think. We think these statistics are made up and do not listen and that is exactly what this Ad is inviting us to do. To change the way we think about everything. How easy it would be to just bring a reusable mug to our favorite coffee shop everyday instead of wasting away a paper cup. This sounds easy but in reality it is inconvenient. Perhaps the task of reducing water consumption should not be placed so much on the consumers and more on the manufacturers. The Ad starts with a focus on consumers and makes a spin to the big corporations who are in fact producing the coffee. The big corporations also have to think about the way they are doing things and become more conscious about their impact on the planet. The Ad makes the viewer reflect about their consumption habits. "Do you know all the ways you could be doing more with less?" This Ad is not accusatory and it does not mean for the viewers to feel guilty about themselves. On the other hand, I think it does a great job at encouraging people to take action and start finding ways to efficiently use and reuse their resources.


I highly respect the WWF; the only thing I could say that wasn't fully disclosed was how they came up with the figure of 50 gallons of water for one latte. It certainly makes sense that a great deal of water goes into the production of the materials that go into a latte; it may be they have the info on their website. It is possible for NGOs like WWF to make mistakes in their claims, but I believe they do their best to make sure their information is correct. I don't have any way to disprove their claims, and this is one of the tactics that greenwashers will often use; I sincerely don't think the WWF has any intention of misleading people with this ad. Perhaps if they had provided a link to a page on their site that gave more details, that would have allowed me to give them all 1s.