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I think this ad is very effective. The fact that it sets a goal will make consumers want to be a part of the going green mission to BYOB. The ad is "greenwashing" when it portrays to the extreme that reusing your bag will help save the planet. The Tagline BYOB is a clever way to target a young adult audience. Earth Day for 2008 was on April 22. I suggest that Whole Foods create an ad to show its improvements on how the BYOB campaign has saved the planet. This way it will ad credit to the ad campaign.


Whole Foods has a reputation for being an environmentally-conscious company that maintains an emphasis on sustainability. I believe this ad is consistent with with the companies goals to remain green. I do not believe this ad to be an act of greenwashing, because Whole Foods' overall objective is to provide high quality food while maintaining a pro-environment stance. I gave this advertisement by Whole Foods a low score because I believe that it is an excellent form of green marketing. The company's goal of eliminating all plastic bags by Earth Day 2008 will help reduce the amount of trash that its shoppers contribute. Finally, this ad shows only a small glimpse of what Whole Foods strives to accomplish in order to achieve its goal of being a green company.