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This Aveda print advertisement is promoting their aerosol hair spray that is manufactured 100% by wind power. The company has a 30 year history of environmental consciousness, and was one of the first beauty product lines to do so. I believe that this ad deserves a low score on the greenwashing scale because it promotes true claims of Aveda producing its products in an environmentally friendly way. One disadvantage of this advertisement is that it does not actually state the product that is supposed to be promoted. I worked at Aveda when this advertisement came out, which is the only way that I know which product the advertisement is meant to be for. Aveda should continue to run advertisements promoting their green efforts in order to capture the niche market that looks for that quality, as well as ads that promote the qualities of the products themselves.


The ad only discuss about the source of energy used. It does not discuss about the source of the chemicals used in the beauty products. Electricity from a windmill is cleaner than electricity from a coal plant but if you use it to produce chemicals that are not biodegradable, you're not that much more ecological or sustainable.