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This is interesting. Obviously they are trying to tout the reduction of bag use and provide a discount for the savings - good effort - but why create more product to do this. I saw this campaign and asked if I could have the discount if I didn't buy their "eco" bag and used my own reusable bag. I was denied that. Green shouldn't be about buying more to get a discount. I do like the "Greener. One step at a time" phrase at the top - unfortunately they way they went about this is wrong.


This ad is pretty much bogus. All it is promoting is a reusable bag, but how green is that? Is it made of recycled material? Doubtful. To me it looks like all they did was greenwash by creating another product out of new materials, which while it may be reusable, just is still overall contributing to the problem by using more resources and energy. Why not make it out of recycled clothing or cloth materials? To me it's just trying to increase business and promote their brand. Sure they get a 10% discount, but I'm sure you have to buy the bag anyway. It's total bogus that this is green in reality, it's only bogus seen through green sunglasses.

4.5Verde que te quiero verde’s
This way to promote sales is very interesting because the company wants to make us to believe they have been green forever and now they will be “greener”. It is evident that the real interest of the company is increase their sales and position their company name. It is true that is good to use more often tote bags, but what happens if people don’t want to use them? Please do not discard them because they damage the environment worse than plastic bags: https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2016/09/to-tote-or-note-to-tote/498557/