2006 Honda Civic Hybrid Commercial

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I felt that the ad was misleading in the amount of difference it would make on the environment if you decided to drive one. Throughout the ad it showed pictures of flowers, wildlife, and the earth its self. By driving this car I don't feel you would be making a substantial impact on any of these things, that is why I gave the ad a low rating. To make their ads less misleading in the future and still appeal to customers I would focus more on the direct benefit to the customer, such as, great gas mileage with the price of gas on the rise. Also, they could still talk about the environmental impact, but just by being honest and saying something like, "By driving a hybrid Honda Civic you will be helping us take a small step in the right direction to reduce the negative effects on the environment from all of our cars". This still tells customers what you are hoping to accomplish and some of the benefits of your car without over exaggerating the facts.


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